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Introducing new adtech platforms and solutions into an agency or a business can present challenges;

  • It is time intensive, resource intensive and risk laden.

  • The majority of adtech is built out of markets such as Israel, India, France and the United States. They are generally well funded, boast large diverse population bases and have their own specific market challenges that shape their adtech journey.

  • Off the shelf they often don't translate to the New Zealand market.


Due to this, New Zealand brands and agencies are often left disillusioned, sceptical and less willing to invest their time into new adtech.

CORTECHS parent company KBR Digital, has been in market for 5 years working with dozens of local agencies. Through this time KBR has observed these challenges first hand.  

We understand the challenges you face in a highly proliferated adtech market.

CORTECHS offer a suite of innovative products that answer real New Zealand market needs.    


Cortechs - innovative adtech - locally executed. 




CORTECHS has a range of digital advertising solutions that provide opportunities for advertisers to improve their MEDIA spending, build innovative CREATIVE formats and answer MARKETING technology challenges.


CORTECHS are the exclusive representatives of the OUTBRAIN content discovery platform and ZEMANTA native platform. Every month, more than 275-billion OUTBRAIN recommendations appear as native placements on premium publishers like NZ Herald, Stuff, CNN. These highly targeted placements use proprietary data to help marketers and publishers drive results, whether they are looking to generate awareness, engagement, or conversions.


SPACEBACK are the bridge between social and display media. SPACEBACK is the first platform to deliver the engagement of social with the efficiencies of programmatic advertising by dynamically converting your social media posts into paid advertising units.


CORTECHS are the exclusive representative of the Impulse Screen TV-Sync technology for New Zealand. Impulse Screen Media offers an intelligent advertising platform that automates multi-screen campaigns, to deliver synchronised marketing opportunities in real-time.



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