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Introducing new adtech platforms and solutions into an agency or a business can present challenges;

  • It is time intensive, resource intensive and risk laden.  
  • The majority of adtech is built out of markets such as Israel, India, France and the United States.  They are generally well funded, boast large diverse population bases and have their own specific market challenges that shape their adtech journey.  
  • Off the shelf they often don't translate to the New Zealand market.


Due to this, New Zealand brands and agencies are often left disillusioned, sceptical and less willing to invest their time into new adtech.

CORTECHS parent company KBR Digital, has been in market for 5 years working with dozens of local agencies. Through this time KBR has observed these challenges first hand.  

We understand the challenges you face in a highly proliferated adtech market.

CORTECHS offer a suite of innovative products that answer real New Zealand market needs.    


Cortechs - tailoring adtech solutions for kiwi brands and agencies. 




CORTECHS understand that every business has it’s own unique set of challenges.

With access to more than 35 diverse leading Adtech solutions, we provide simple advertising and communications products.  We provide a fully managed solution - brief us on your advertising challenges, requirements and goals and let us manage the rest.

Aligning the right Adtech solutions is best done through a consultative process.  We strive to be results driven - your ‘business success’ is our focus.

From advanced content marketing platforms, to audience insight solutions and seamless online campaign measurement tools, right through to specialised NFC marketing techniques (Near Field Communication) and more….

Please get in touch to see what CORTECHS can deliver for your business, we’d love to hear from you.



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